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08-25-2009, 05:01 AM
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just my two cents..

Sorry to hear that, must be frustrating op. Of course, this story is one sided, but you might end up noticing yourself if you see the ref in certain way "in the heat of the game" or if there's actually something (I mean those "I don't like your team"-comments, if word for word, are just insolent) to look at.

Is it possible to collect some evidence, such as boxscores and so on..? I mean if you really want to point out there's a pattern, the league could listen to you if you have some numbers to show. How about that?

If you're saying the games with other refs are somewhat "clean", how about comparing your games' records and boxscores (penalties) with the games with this ref and the others. If it's possible, compare also the other teams games to yours when he's in the games.

One thing also, if he tends to "dislike" teams, you might not be the only one. If your league is not professional-serious, other teams feeling the same about him could help you to solve this. Say, if both playing teams "demand" that certain official is not on the ice, that could work. no?

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