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Originally Posted by DaaaaB's View Post
That card looks great. I can't wait to see the two super hulk semi fights. Mousasi/Sokoudjou should be a war and HMC/Minowa is intriguing and should be fun to watch. I'd love to see them bring in Alvarez to fight JZ but doubt it happens. Otherwise, I'd like to see JZ get a rematch with Kawajiri or give Ribeiro a chance to redeem his 2007 loss to JZ. I'm really hoping that Hellboy lays a beating on Aoki.
Are you nuts?

Sokoudju is a joke with no ground game compared to Gegard. Look at what happened to Sobral who got side controlled easily and ground and pounded to unconsciousness with in seconds And Sobral was the last guy to defeat and submit Soko in rather easy fashion at Affliction.

I predict a quick Gegard triangle or a Kimura, if not TKO punches on the ground. Gegard can stand up with Soko as he proved it under K-1 rules, but he doesn’t need to. Take the fight to the ground and finish him quickly. If at the bottom at any moment triangle, if at the top kimura or even arm triangle/anaconda choke. Soko is very susceptible to the arm triangle as Lyotto and Sobral proved.

Soko has been very disapointing so far since his explosive comming out stint at PRIDE at such a young age, he gt chewed and spitted out by the UFC competition and even in Affliction in a boxing ring instead of UFC cage. Even Team Quest couldn't help him. Needs to improve his ground game IMO. He is a world class judoka guy but I don't see much his translated to MMA.

In all, against Gegard it is a total mismatch, and his only chance is that of a punchers chance. Fight goes to the ground at any time and it is all she wrote.

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