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08-25-2009, 02:23 PM
Joe Cole
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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
Full face shield would fall into "it would be best..." category.
We'll agree to disagree.

Personally, I cannot see any reason to lose teeth, break a jaw or have an errant stick/puck sneak under a visor and blind me/break my nose for a rec hockey game.

I have played all my life with a full shield/visor. I cannot even tell I am wearing a helmet once the puck drops. The "advantage" is lost on me. Plus everyone else except a few wear a full shield, we all have the same "disadvantage".

Like I said previously, if a player needs the increased visibility of a half visor (or no visor) to be effective on the ice, he is probably playing at a level higher then where he should be.

Just my opinion.

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