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Originally Posted by 4thliner View Post
Speaking of K-1, holly smokes Daniel Ghita kicks like a fk mule. Anyone watched the K-1 final 16 qualifying GP in Tokyo? He doesn't need to throw a punch at all to make guys quit. Manhouf as always looked like a beast catching and KO'ing the highly talented Russian kid Ramazan Ramazanov, coolest muslim name ever by the way.

Too bad I couldnt understand a word of the japanese broadcast I got off the net. HDNet didnt carry it to north America. It was a very exciting event all in all, a lot of finishes.
Apparently he set the record for fastest GP win ever, something like 5 1/2 minutes to win three fights . Rumour is that he's going to fight Schilt in the opening round of the World GP though which will be quite a step up in competition. Can't wait for the opening round, it's at the end of September I think.

edit: Also watching K-1 in Japanese is the way to go, since it means you don't have to listen to Mike Schiavello.

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