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Originally Posted by hashmarks View Post
Just pointing out that you have no rational or logical reason to dislike just dislike him because you want to, that's all. There is nothing personal about the reality of his coaching record, it speaks for itself yet you chose to ignore it for personal reasons and decide that you are somehow unsure of him. YOU have made it personal, not me.

You feeling insulted? I wonder if that has anything to do with your PURELY emotional and illogical reasons for disliking Hitch.
The fact that you disregard my reasons for disliking him and being concerned about him does not mean that they are irrational and illogical. Again, to quote myself:

Originally Posted by Ar-too
I'm not sure what your point here is. We've been through all this before and we clearly disagree. You have a personal relationship of some sort with Hitchcock which either makes you more reliable than me because you have more information, or less reliable than me because of your bias. Or both. You accomplish nothing by trying to convince of how wrong I am in any case. You accomplish even less by being so insulting about it.
I do not feel insulted in a vacuum. I've got fairly thick skin. You are being insulting and dismissive. I'd kindly ask you to stop.

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