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Originally Posted by Ar-too View Post
The fact that you disregard my reasons for disliking him and being concerned about him does not mean that they are irrational and illogical. Again, to quote myself:
You blame HItch for Zherdev being traded...that isn't irrational? (by the way, Zherdev is an unsigned player--seems like he doesn't really fit on ANY NHL TEAM)

You 'worry' about him as a coach...that isn't illogical? (considering you can just look at his coaching record and how the team has changed/improved with him behind the bench).

You think he is on the cusp of the 'losing the team'...paying no regard as to how hard the team plays with him behind the bench...that is rational?

You claim that because he has been fired twice that he isn't a very good coach--that is reasonable?


Please give me something definitive and reasonable as to why you would 'worry' about him as a coach and we might be able to have a discussion. Claiming that you don't think his expectations are realistic is fine, but please provide a sample of what you feel his expectations are. You haven't done anything within the thread to convince anyone that you are doing anything but talking out know...

Until then, I stand by my assessment as you just don't like him because you don't want to. Plain and simple. Like I said before. It is fine--people chose to grab onto illogical and irrational thinking all the time.

I do not feel insulted in a vacuum. I've got fairly thick skin. You are being insulting and dismissive. I'd kindly ask you to stop.
I would kindly ask you to address what has been directed to you within the context of the thread and stop trying to turn it personal. If you don't like what I am saying about your arguments, please provide something substantial in return.

You are the one who has attempted to make a 'personal relationship' with Hitchcock matter in this thread. It simply doesn't. There is nothing personal about his coaching record. If you are a fan of the jackets and are happy to see them seemingly turn the corner, one should be happy that he is at the helm and be able to recognize all that he brings.

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