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Originally Posted by Ar-too View Post
The fact that he's not on a NHL team has nothing to do with whether he should've been traded last year.
The fact that Zherdev isn't on an NHL team only points to the fact that many people feel he isn't a good team player.

The fact that you think he shouldn't have been traded is your business. I, on the other hand, think they got a great return for him and don't believe Zherdev is a guy you can win in the playoffs with.

Regardless you have no idea what Hitch felt about Zherdev--I don't recall him saying anything more in the media other than he needed to get better at the team game and not so much one on one. For all you know, Hitch could be really ticked off at Howson for trading him, yet you blame Hitch for Zherdev's trade. Doesn't that seem a little like one is grasping for reasons to dislike someone?

This is the only part of your post that makes any sense, but it's disqualified by the fact that I openly admit a certain amount of irrationality on this particular topic. I like Zherdev as a player more than I like Hitch as a coach, regardless of how high maintenance he is.
Fair enough. It also validates my belief of how much you care about the blue jackets success as a team.

His track record is pretty clear. Lack of logic does not apply here. History speaks clearly enough on this topic to give rise to those who would be skeptical (me).
This does not make any sense to me. I am not sure what you are getting at.

That's not at all what I said. Please read my original response and feel free to take issue with what I actually said.
Okay then..this is what you said:

"The Jackets won't make a splash, but in Howson I pretty much trust. On the other hand, I worry about Hitch."
...followed by:

A good coach who wears out his welcome and gets fired after a while?
If you had asked me if I want to like him, I would have said "No". I don't want to like Hitchcock because I think his impact on the team has been a net positive short term, but I think the direction he has in mind is potentially dangerous. But you didn't ask me that question. All you've done is continue to insult me and dismiss my concerns.
My bad. You think he is a good coach, is helping the team, but still refuse to like him because of some perceived danger in his long term direction of the team? I would love to hear what you think the direction he has in his mind is. Again, you have invented a reason to dislike him, unless you have an ability to read his mind or have spent time with him discussing his direction. Have you?

This is logical and reasonable to you?

I'm not trying to say that your personal relationship with Hitchcock matters any more or less than my personal concerns about Hitchcock, I'm just saying it matters in the context of what you have to say about him. You're not objective, that's all. Or do you believe that you are?
Who says I have a personal relationship at all with him? All I have said was that I know he isn't a dick like was originally mentioned by someone else. This was never the discussion between you and I.

His record isn't a matter of factoring objectivity into it at all. It is what it is.

There is no such thing as objective. We all have biased opinions regardless of how objective we think we are being.

The one thing that remains clear to me is that you are making up reasons to not like him. I don't find this logical, reasonable or rational, but people do it all the time.

All I know is that he is a hell of a coach, has the record, championships and accolades to prove it, the jackets have done nothing but improve under his coaching, and looking back at the previous teams he has coached, there are only good things to look forward to.

If Howson can get him some players that and the team continues to grow, players continue to develop, and we compete for the cup--beyond that, I could give a rats ass if he gets canned again. His job in Columbus will be fulfilled.

One way to measure a good coach isn't really about how many times he gets fired, it is really about if and how often he gets rehired.

To this point, I believe he has done a heck of a job with the roster he has had. Good on him.

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