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08-25-2009, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by dick341 View Post
Where do you play? I was sort of expecting some lame complaint about reffing when I saw your avatar, but if he flat out says he doesn't like your team there is something wrong with the guy. I mean you just don't do that.

Seriously go to another rink. If you have requested that he not ref your games and the league still has done nothing then leave.

Why play at that rink if you aren't having fun there anymore?
I play at Ice Town in Riverside. We did play in Ontario for a year, and we've seriously considered moving back there on multiple occasions. The big issue though seems to be cost, Ontario is a bit more expensive than Riverside, which may be a drawback to a few players. Also the rinks in the area (there's three out here) are known to share officials every so often. That said we are seriously considering a move to a different league if things stay the same.

I have no idea what you mean by "the league doesn't seem to do anything or very little". What exactly did they do when they received the complaint? If they're not saying why your team is being singled out by this ref or mediating the disagreement then I think your team would be better off finding a better league to play in. The fact that other teams are complaining gives you leverage to force a change -- 3 teams threatening to leave should force them to take a more serious look at the problem.

As to your team's reputation. . . your team obviously has one, whether it's deserved or not. If your team mates are overly mouthy, conspicuously physical in a non-checking league there are refs who will put you immediately on their *hit list. If you continue to view this guy as the enemy you will have big problems any time he refs your game. If you respect his judgement and find out why he's got a major hate on your team you could earn at least a fair shake from him. Be honest -- aren't there a few guys on your team who push it too far?
Well, as far as we know, nothing was done. We lodged the complaint back in February and he still officiates there. Although since then he seems to officiate more of the upper division games, so maybe something was said? I don't know for sure. This upcoming weekend is registration, so not only will the hockey director be there, the owner will as well. At least one of the other teams will be there, so we won't be alone in voicing displeasure.

Are there a few guys who push it? Honestly, the only one who may push things too far is the one who was butt-ended. He has a bit of a short fuse and any little thing like a slash, shove, push, etc can make him lose it, although it depends. The things that got out of hand during those two games seems to be in retaliation or in defense of another player. Again, I am the goalie, so a lot of things I don't see. Then again, this only seems to happen during games in which he officiates, which I don't think is a coincidence. Its almost as if he loses control of the game while in other games refs seem to have a better handle on things. We have tried to be civil with this guy before, approaching him and asking him (calmly) why he made certain calls, and all we got was the usual "you guys play dirty" spiel.

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