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08-26-2009, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by fcb51 View Post
In the same theme, I have a problem too...

I'm 6'2 and about 230lbs, every time I go near someone smaller I get whistled for something - obstruction and interference mainly. If I have the puck and a smaller guy hits me or collides with me I get sent down. After a several games with this pattern continuing I asked the ref about it at the end of a game and basically he replied 'when a big guy and a little guy are 50/50, the little guy always wins'!!!

Never experienced anything like this before and everyone on the team can't believe it either. Their advice is just to let it go and play conservatively which really isn't my game, we even video taped the game to show the ref afterwards but he wouldn't listen!!!

I tried that and still the same result. What the hell am I supposed to do??? Any suggestions???

This isnt actually that uncommon in beer leagues. Especially when a little guys plays it up.

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