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Originally Posted by erfus View Post
From what I've gathered, the DL loophole is vast and mighty. Here's a good explanation:

The Sox have pitcher Miguel Gonzalez (Rule 5 draft pick) on the 60-day DL, so I don't think there's any worry about demoting Bard in that regard. We'll see what happens tomorrow, it wouldn't surprise me much if they cut Penny but it does reduce the pitching depth a little bit in the organization. But, with Paul Byrd coming back and DiceK starting to rehab, it's probably no big deal.

I guess next week they'll probably also call up Kottaras, Lowrie, Bailey, and Anderson in addition to pitching depth.
So any word on what the moves are going to be? By my understanding of the rule, Bard has to be on the active roster on August 31st in order to pitch in the playoffs, so sending him down isn't really an option. They also need Tazawa for the rotation now until Daisuke is ready, which won't be until September. We know almost for sure that Enrique Gonzalez will be DFA when they activate Wakefield today, but who else is being dropped from the roster to make room for Wagner tomorrow? And then if they decide Byrd is a playoff option in the next week, who goes then- Tazawa?

Or will they get sneaky and find a way to put Penny on the DL, thereby saving his eligibility for the playoff roster in case, god forbid, they decide he's an option then.

I think they should just DFA Gonzalez & Penny to make room for Wake & Wagner. Then give Tazawa another start in Boston and Byrd another start in the minors and make a decision by next week which one you want eligible for the playoffs.

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