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08-26-2009, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by 4thliner View Post
Why you don't like to hear The Big Kabosh or the Jason High getting mounted more times than the Jenna Haze part?

I could do without the commentary if the action is nice as long as I can hear the gloves landing and shins hitting the target. But instead of Japanese which I don't understand anyway I'd rather get some commentary in language I can understand.
I don't mind Schiavello. I shrug him off like I shrugged off Gary Thorne's annoying tendencies in the late-90s. It's nice to have someone so enthusiastic about the sport, though I'll admit, some of his odder sayings have forced a moment of pause.

Guy Mezger on the other hand is a pompous ass seemingly everytime he opens his yap. It's no wonder he and Tito butted heads.

What I like best, however, is the fact that they have so many guest color commentators. Off the top of my head, last year they had Andy Bernardo, Ray Sefo, and Ernesto Hoost, all for the World GP Finals.

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