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Originally Posted by Timeless Winter View Post
Key words there, with Hitch as his coach, a man who hates small players, and Europeans, it will be interesting to see if he gets ice time. Hopefully he is allowed to create offense and not turned into a defensive specialist.
Let the kid play Hitch.
Get a hold of yourself.

Originally Posted by Crimson Devil View Post
I see it as; "You play me on the NHL team, or I'll go to Russia."
Perhaps not quite that black and white, but the whole: I will then consider the KHL as an option if I am not playing for the jackets is not ideal (and I am not surprised that it is coming from this kid). The fact is that he is under contract with the jackets and he seems to have a bit of 'I am doing you team a favor by staying in N. America so you better play me,' is bothersome. In all fairness to him, however, guys like Kane, Towes Stamkos all came straight out of jr. and played a full season so he feels he should be able to so I can understand why he is itching to get in, but just play and stop talking about the KHL as an option--not when you are under contract.

Originally Posted by KallioWeHardlyKnewYe View Post

Again, not saying, that WON'T ultimately be the case, just pointing out that there are important aspects to the equation that haven't been filled in yet.
Didn't quote it all, but good post. Pretty much how I feel.

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Forgive me for generalizing the bi-polar / schizo nature of this board. (I'm not hashmarks - very little of what I post should be read in the tone by which I usually read her posts or yours for that matter)
Hey! What did I do? Plus, I don't even know what this means!

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