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08-26-2009, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by hashmarks View Post
Perhaps not quite that black and white, but the whole: I will then consider the KHL as an option if I am not playing for the jackets is not ideal (and I am not surprised that it is coming from this kid). The fact is that he is under contract with the jackets and he seems to have a bit of 'I am doing you team a favor by staying in N. America so you better play me,' is bothersome.
I didn't read that at all. All I read were quotes from a kid who's goal is to play on the second line of an NHL team in a month and a half. He's put in the offseason work and he's ready to prove himself. He's confident, if not cocky, in his abilities but what 19 year old isn't? His quotes didn't lead me to believe he'd jump to the KHL as soon as he sat out a third period in a close game, or even if he was sat in a lot of third periods in close games. I think the kid has more character than that. I'd bet he'd use that as motivation just like Brassard and Voracek did last year.

Originally Posted by hashmarks View Post
In all fairness to him, however, guys like Kane, Towes Stamkos all came straight out of jr. and played a full season so he feels he should be able to so I can understand why he is itching to get in
This is where the other young guys, specifically Voracek, can help and start to show a little leadership. Filatov is in Voracek's position now; the 19 year old trying to make the team when it looks like he should be back in juniors or in Syracuse. He's not gonna get 18+ minutes a night to start the season, everyone knows that. Neither did Voracek, Brassard, Russell, etc. The other youngsters can explain the process to Filatov and help him understand that if you play the game the right way, Hitch will trust you more. When Hitch trusts you, your ice time will increase. They can give him some reassurance after games where he only played 9 minutes that if he sticks with it, he'll get the ice time. Plus, it's not like he'll be on an island. The coaches will work with him to improve his game as will the vets.

I can easily see a similar situation to Voracek last year. Starts off with minimal ice time but it increases as his play improves.

Originally Posted by hashmarks View Post
but just play and stop talking about the KHL as an option--not when you are under contract.
He was asked a question about the KHL and answered it honestly. He didn't bring it up, the interviewer did. I don't think you can chastise this kid for answering a question in an interview. Did he chose his words poorly? Probably. Does it mean anything at this point? Probably not. Are we all dying for training camp to start so we don't have to over analyze translated interviews on Puck Daddy to see if our potential Calder candidate is going to jump ship to the KHL? Yes.

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