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Originally Posted by cydawg View Post
His quotes didn't lead me to believe he'd jump to the KHL as soon as he sat out a third period in a close game, or even if he was sat in a lot of third periods in close games. I think the kid has more character than that. I'd bet he'd use that as motivation just like Brassard and Voracek did last year.
Nor did I read that he would jump the KHL in those instances...more that he would look to the KHL if the org. felt like he needed to spend more time in the AHL.

Look, he was a good player in the AHL, but he wasn't totally dominating . Chances are the kid does need more time to round out his game it isn't a surprise nor is it a knock on him because of it, but when your 1st round pick is borderline threatening (now let's not get carried away folks, I know he was very kind in the way he said it) you aren't going to send him down as readily as if he was a Kris Russell from Caroline Alberta or a late rounder.

I can easily see a similar situation to Voracek last year. Starts off with minimal ice time but it increases as his play improves.
As do I. I want nothing more than for him to be able to come to the jackets and be a contributing player. I don't mind if he makes mistakes and doesn't have the checking ability that we might need, but if he is at least trying, that's all good with me. The thing I don't like is that if the jackets feel handcuffed with some sort of looming KHL threat if they feel he needs to go down. That isn't fair and I don't care if he is russian, canadian, swedish or a mixture of all three.

He was asked a question about the KHL and answered it honestly. He didn't bring it up, the interviewer did. I don't think you can chastise this kid for answering a question in an interview. Did he chose his words poorly? Probably. Does it mean anything at this point? Probably not. Are we all dying for training camp to start so we don't have to over analyze translated interviews on Puck Daddy to see if our potential Calder candidate is going to jump ship to the KHL? Yes.
I know he is going to get questions all the time about the KHL. The fact remains that he went through a lot to get here last year and he is obviously prepared to be here full time. That's great, but take your lumps, kid. If one really wants to be an NHL player then he will go the appropriate channels and do whatever it takes. He is under contract with the jackets and he should (or be told from here on in) that he needs to be a team player. Talking about potential KHL contracts doesn't follow that mold, imo. I doubt his teammates enjoy hearing him talk about potentially leaving if things don't go his way either.

I am much like blahblah and read these comments in the same light as Methot's last year.

Time will show us how committed to the NHL and the CBJ Filatov is.

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