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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Then you would be somewhat in the wrong. If a rec league team comes to you with a videotape, that means they have a serious problem with something and it's interfering with their ability to just relax and have fun. Most guys in a rec league are in it just for the fun too. Getting a game videotaped is an effort in and of itself- this isn't a pro league of any sort where tapes already exist.

If a team comes to you with a videotape, You can pretty well be sure it's a concern they take pretty seriously, and very well might have resulted from your inaction as the ref coordinator, or your not taking their concerns seriously.

In the league where I play, the hockey director for the rink watches a ton of games live. Several nights a week, he's at the rink watching rec hockey. He does it so that he has an idea of the issues in the league and to make sure there isn't something he needs to address, including refs. If concerns are brought to him about a ref, he'll watch their games and if necessary, only give him little kid games. Granted, he's paid, but you don't have to go to that extent.

The first step towards running a successful adult league is to take player concerns seriously. Just because they're not as good as pros doesn't mean their concerns are unimportant. In fact, they're more important since the player is paying to play, not the other way around.

Sorry to go off on you, I normally respect your opinion and consider you to be a pretty valuable contributor on ref issues, but here I can't help but call you out. This isn't an issue with a team going overboard, this is an issue with a team getting sick of a ref with an admitted personal vendetta against their team.
I think you misread. If I'm the coordinator, I would look at a video tape and honestly assess the concern. However, he was talking about trying to show a referee the video. As a referee, I'm not watching any video a team tries to show me. It's not my job. I show up, do the game, and I go home. Nothing more, nothing less.

I've never disagreed that any league should take player concerns seriously, but a role of the referee never includes watching a video tape given to him by a team. If a team wants to go to the trouble of taping a game, the video should be shown to whoever runs the league, not the referees on the ice. If whoever running the league is competent, he will watch the video and honestly assess your concerns.

While there are some players who take rec hockey seriously (and some a lot more seriously than they should), 99% of rec league referees simply don't care. Some will do an honest job, some will just go out there and not do much of anything and some are jerks. However, the one thing they all have in common, is that they don't care about the games. All they are getting out of officiating rec hockey is money. That's the only reason most rec league refs bother to take time out of their evenings, away from their families, to make sure you have a game.

I skated rec league games for a couple seasons, and besides the money, all I got out of it is that players still think they're going somewhere, and they expect officials to be of NHL quality. Players just don't realize the role of a rec league referee. He's not there looking to better himself and move up to a better level of officiating. Rec leagues are where officials go after they are done with sanctioned hockey.

I finally quit when my partner kicked out a player for slashing him, then he tried to come after me in the parking lot, and the league president only suspended him for 5 games. That's not worth any amount of money to put up with.

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