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08-26-2009, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Troy View Post
OK here is what the Rangers need to do.
They are the only team without a logo on their jersey and the only NY team that does not pay respect to being from NY on their jersey.

1) Take the road white jersey...and change it from saying Rangers to New York. They had this back in the late 70s with their road blue jerseys, so this is not breaking precedant. The Yanks do this as do the Mets and Knicks, it just makes since when you are on the road you display with power you are from the greatest city.

2) Add a third jersey. The originality of the Rangers jersey is fine but they really do need a jersey with a logo. Every other team has this and it makes them lack that icon. Again, they already did this with lady liberty jersey. Do it again.

Our logo and jersey to date is kind of bland and could use a facelift like the Bruins got.
You can stay true to your original colors while also being modern.
The "every team has this" argument is lame. Why not be different?

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