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08-27-2009, 08:03 AM
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100 flex/85 flex stick problem

Here's my problem. I bought two nike bauer one pro 102 flex sticks and ended up cutting quite a lot off and it turned out to be 108 flex. It seems much too stiff for me, I weigh 176 lbs. Although I'm quite strong, I read that the flex should be half your body weight... 90 flex for me then.

So, should I buy a cheap 85 flex stick, that'll turn out to be 95-98 after cutting it, to see if a lower flex is ok, or should I buy a top of the notch composite stick (S17, U+, RBK) right away for 350 or so swiss francs?

If I like the cheap 85 flex stick, I'll of course buy a better stick so I don't really know what to do....


They say that you should be able to flex it 1 inch or so without any force, I need to use quite a bit.

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