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08-28-2009, 02:47 AM
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Kuusisto was apparently too expensive for Mr. Fahlander's pallet, good, but not worth the money he was asking for if I read it right.

I honestly love the fact that they sent Holma home when they did.

Johansson is obvously not coming in, but as most of you know, they are looking at Henrik Nordfeldt as a possible replacement.

Jag undrar om Pierre Hedin får ett samtal i de kommande dagarna. Han lär väl vilja spela några år till.

I don't think Örebro will have to worry about relegation at all this season. They've lost a couple of games early on, but they've been missing nearly all key players in those games, and on top of that, they have been severly behind with their icetime because of a scheduling situation that went FUBAR.

All that being said, 4-0 against Bofors isn't awful, and from what I understand, Oskarshamn was a demonstration in how-not-to-score. With some more ice time and a little bit better timing, that game will look and end differently.

All the "experts" in various hockey columns, who are now calling Ö-o cold and predict a difficult season ahead, will be the same guys hollering about Ö-o "upsetting" teams like Leksand, Mora, maybe even Malmö, and why not Växjö when the season starts, but really, they just didn't do their homework here in pre-season.

They'll win a few nobody thought they'd be even close in, and they'll lose a couple they should have won, but they'll finish in the middle, fulfilling the goal of learning and catching their breath before leaping for the next step on the ladder.


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