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08-28-2009, 07:38 AM
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There will be no regular season ranking because it'll be like pre-NHL split league champions in a Challenger Series format playoffs.

Instead, each GM is to submit their ranking of the top three teams (rank them first, second, third) in each of the following twelve categories. No overall ranking. It's very likely that every team will be ranked top-3 in some category or other.

The 12 categories to vote on:

I. Top scoring line (likely a 1st or 2nd line)
II. Top two-way line (likely a 2nd or 3rd line)
III. Top defensive line (likely a 3rd or 4th line)
IV. Top starting 5 (lw-c-rw-d-d when puck drops to begin game)
V. Top defensemen duo pairing
VI. Top Top-4 core defense
VII. Top blueline overall (all 7 dmen together)
VIII. Top goaltending (starter or tandem)
IX. Top powerplay (two 5-men units, coaching)
X. Top penalty kill (two 4-men units, goaltending, coaching)
XI. Top team chemistry (consideration of how skaters gell, how coaching "fits" with team style, etc)
XII. Top fighter (whether extra skater enforcer or in starting line-up)

Note: You can include your own team in up to three (3) maximum of the twelve (12) category rankings.

And, of course, we will vote on MVP and call-up player list. Submit a list of the top-10 draft picks in terms of their value in an all-time context. Which players ought to have been drafted in the ATD or MLD but wheren't? In addition to the top-10 list of picks other than yours, include a list of your own best three picks.

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