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08-28-2009, 01:44 PM
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Canucks fan here, I will try and help out with what I can:

On first glance I would say this trade is a total win for Vancouver. I don't say that with homer glasses, or to be a dick, but if you had told me "Hey, if you could trade Rahimi and White for a top 4 d-man who is good on the PP and a servicable veteran 7the d-man, would you do it?" I would have laughed and laughed and asked you where do I sign for such a lopsided deal. Patrick White and Rahimi are not very strong prospects for us (in the eyes of the fans, at least) and we always joked on the Canucks board about dealing White for something of use, knowing that it would never happen. Rahimi had no trade value thus we never really threw his name in mock trades. :/

Obviously my opinion on the two prospects in the deal don't mean much; Prospects can end up being anything.

That being said....Rahimi really has no hype to him. He is a defensive prospect that was thought to have some upside a few years back (He had a solid pre-season) but has since kind of turned into nothing. Being in the ECHL at this point isn't too great to be honest, but d-men take longer to develop, so who knows.

Patrick White, the kid Nonis drafted because of his laser shot, has also done nothing. Now, if you want to be positive, you can look at the fact that people who support White say he hasn't had a fair shot at things yet, and that he has been stuck in a tough system in college where he didn't get a lot of time to prove himself in his rookie year. He does want to be an NHL player, though, and he did pay his own way to attend Canuck training, so at least his heart is in the right place.

Now that being said....he has been an unexciting prospect for us. He never really stands out and hasn't done much to improve his stock at all in his time since we drafted him. As a result, it's kind of hard to get behind him when you don't see any visible improvement as the years go by.

I dunno. It's kind of hard to paint a great picture about them, but if I was a Sharks fan I would take hope in the fact that White DOES have a really nice shot, so at least he does have a base skill level, and hope that he can turn his game around once he is out of Minnesota.

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