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11-08-2004, 08:24 AM
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Going to have to agree to disagree. I have seen nothing from Lito or Brown to lead me to believe that they are anything more than mediocre. Without that huge pass rush and top-notch safeties to shelter them, they would be readily exposed.

Teams HAVE passed with glee on them. It isn't always result in huge yardage. Vikes and Browns dinked and dunked them all day long, as the Eagles pulled coverage back to shelter the CBs. Look at the Steelers 3rd down conversion. It isn't they they couldn't pass, it is that they didn't have too. When they wanted too, they had great success at it. The match-up differences dictates style. While Johnson is blitzing less (by neccesity), he still blitzes more than most teams. In blitz situations, your CBs are left in man. It is those situations where the CB shortcomings show up the most.

By the way, the Vikes offense has been all about taking what the defenses give them. If you defend them deep to prevent the big play (like the Eagles did), Culpepper takes the underneath yards and cruises right down the field or they run right at ya with one of their RBs. Defend against the RBs and limit the easy 5-7 yard plays, they thow deep overtop. It is a pick-your-poison situation, they have beaten teams both ways. They beat Dallas, New Orleans and Tennessee the same way they pild up 400+ yards of offense on the Eagles.

Lito is terrible as a jam CB, I really don't see how you can see otherwise. He does make INTs and he does have speed. But he is limited by his reads, leaping (he is not a great jumper) and marginal physical play. He is a guy you want to put on a slot or 2nd WR, because he will struggle against a legit #1 guy. As far as top CBs, what I meant was name teams with a worse #1 CB.

Look, Lito is not horrible. He has room for improvement. But he is nothing special, quite middle-of-the-road at best. Combine middle-of-the-road starters with terrible depth and the result is a bad CB situation.

Ignoring injuries as a reason for success or failure is downright ignorant. Sorry to be blunt, but it is. Injuries are part of the game, but they absolutely factor into your success. Eagles have been fortunate that (other than Westbrook for a game), they have not lost any key players to injuires. Andrews was the only full-time starter to drop. That is being exceedingly fortunate in the injury department. Eagles did win without McNabb, 2 years ago. Two years ago the Eagles offense was bad and their defense the best in the NFL. The defense and STs were good enough so that when the offense went from bad to worse it didn't matter. McNabb's absence was notable, as Feeley scored something like only 1 TD per game. But it wasn't the offense that was winning games for Philly.

Eagles being over-rated all depends on how you rate them. Having heard them called the best team in football, the Super Bowl favorites before the season even starter and not to mention 16-0 talk in recent weeks, damn right they are over-rated.

Your dig on the Vikes CBs is pretty weak. Winfield and Williams dust Lito and Brown. It isn't even close. Unfortunately for the Vikes, they don't have the front-4 the Eagles do and their LBs are even worse. Swap Lito and Brown with Winfield and Williams, we are not having this discussion.

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