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08-29-2009, 01:58 AM
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Originally Posted by volaju View Post
I dunno dude... certainly, body odor can be bad, but at least it's yours. Or a fellow human's.

I like mice, too. I've kept pet mice over the years (part of the reason the infestation was so bad -- I had forgotten that I'd still had a bag of mouse food stored in a box in my closet. OK, I'm a ****** and I take the blame for that one).

but seriously, mouse musk is something else. it's the smell of an animal that eats and sleeps in its own **** and ****. that just cant compare to body odor. and when its in contact with your skin, ugh. seriously, it's wrong.

and oh yeah, the skates were the only gear they got in. I was afraid they'd get into my gloves, which are fairly new and I'm in love with 'em. but thankfully they did not. I also saw one mouse on TOP OF my team Sweden Peter Forsberg jersey, hanging in the closet -- I was so enraged I lunged forward and tried to break his neck before he got away. that jersey is dear to me. luckily, it was untouched by any mouse fluids.
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