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08-29-2009, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Cup 2010 Sens Rule View Post
I'd love him on the Sens. If he thought he really was healthy enough that he could play at least 40 games and the playoffs I'd give him $1.5 million and bonuses based on games played of $1 million if he reaches 40 games and $500K for each 5 games played over 40 games. So if he can play 70 games he makes $5.5 million.

A fair contract. I am sure there are about 10-15 GM's in the league that are thinking of making some kind of offer that is similar to this if indeed Forsberg is pain free.

The upside of Forberg is so huge. Even if he only plays 15 games if he can be healthy in the playoffs he is still a very, very good player.
I'm fairly certain there are rules in the CBA that limit what type of bonuses can be offered... I don't think you can have multi-layered bonuses based on one criteria (games played). Though I could be wrong...?

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