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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Sorry to be harsh, but you mentioned eating cereal with dead ants in it- that kinda indicates that you probably don't keep all your food stored properly, and probalby aren't the cleanest guy. Pretty clean guys don't tend to get mice infestations, Mice tend to find places that have acesable food and dirty dishes laying out, and such like that. That's also how I guessed you didn't have a dishwasher because if you did, a lot of the dishes would probalby get cleaned faster, leaving less out to attract mice.

Anyways, back to the skates. You should be able to clean those, at least the vapor. I'm not familiar with that easton model. Open it up, and clean the liner with water and a laundry detergent. Scrub, rinse, and then sanitize with a rubbing alcohol mix. Let it dry really well, I would set it up in front of a box fan to help it dry. If the Easton is a traditional construction skate, you'll have to soak it and let the cleaning agent and the sanitizing agent soak in, and it'll take a lot longer to dry. If it's the same type of build as the vapor, then use the same method.

Good luck though. Did they get any of the rest of your gear, or just the skates?
I have a mouse I never see .... or maybe two. I see droppings up in the attic and once in a while around the game room. I'm a very clean neat guy who washes the house down often.

They are not in my food because they are in cupboards up high and I would be on top of any holes chewed through the wood. I never see any mainly because they do not have anything to eat here, they must be holed up here and run around in the filed out back. I see mice out there often running around at night with the yard light on.

I also have a couple of bats in the attic I keep killing so new ones can move in.

I live in a rural area with lots of fields and wildlife around, racoons raid the trash cans once in a while.

I guess if the problem was as bad as stated by this gentleman I would spend the money needed for pest control people to come in and make it happen.

I hear the bats crawling at night above the ceiling over my desk upstairs but they are where I cannot get to them to kill them. I have to wait with a tennis raquet and ping their butts out of the air. Everytime I kill the pair who moved in another one moves in. I have been up on a ladder patching in holes with silicon to prevent new ones from coming in but they always seem to find a way.

Very irritating stuff I can assure you.

I will win because I am the law around here!!

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