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Originally Posted by slanted View Post
Shall I reiterate my point that making the comparison is impossible? I answered your question the best way it could be, with the current information at hand. Now when I finish my degree in fortune telling, I will be able to answer questions that require future information. But till then you'll have to accept "cop-out" answers to your questions, or don't ask them.
I was actually feeling pretty neutral about your comments as I indicated above -- I even thought the original cop-out was somewhat clever -- but now you've gone and followed up that cop-out with another.

Although it should be self evident, let me state the obvious, "fortune-telling" and thoughtful scouting are two fundamentally different practices. The Pred's scouting staff has done a wonderful job of assembling top end talent (despite having to pick out of the top ten to acquire a couple of these young men).

But -- and this is point is more directed at some of the other posters -- to take such offense to the label "The BIG Dropp-off", enough so that such ludacris positions were taken as in post #26, is equivalent to revealing unnecessary insecurities.

I will grant you, I may have been unnecessarily harsh in my categorization of Josi and Spaling in my original ranking. Nevertheless, not all prospects are going to be stellar NHLers even if some have been so lucky enough to have already tasted the big leagues. And that's nothing to be ashamed of as a fan of the organization -- c'est la vie.

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