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08-30-2009, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by krax View Post
I really don't get it anymore with this flex thing...

My boy is 10. He has been playing for a year with a mission hex-1, a high-end stick with flex 75. Everything's fine with this. He just received a Bauer XXX Pro stock with 102 flex from a pro player. We cut it down to his size, probably making it like flex 130 or something. His shots (wristers ans slappers) are better with the new stick. He says the flex feels the same. Shots probably take-off a little better because of the blade style.

Isn't this flex stuff overrated?

Only option is probably to try before you buy.

Just a pure guess....but he prob isnt affected by flex at all because he is 10. I could be completely wrong, but I notice alot of kids around the rink at his age, very SKILLED kids, dont really put much of a flex in their shot at all, its mostly in their arms and wrists versus putting their weight behind it. That is my GUESS as to why your kid isnt affected at all by the huge flex change.

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