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08-30-2009, 12:44 PM
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its possible to get anything done with any curve you want.

in the last year i can recall where we have gotten kids custom 10ks (must buy in quantity of 12, though), one95s (quantity 6 iirc), dolomites (no minimum) rm19s (no minimum) and easton s17s (quantity 6 iirc).

pretty much what you got to do is if you want a custom custom blade make it yourself on a wood blade, or ask if they have a certain blade patern in stock (either a retail odd-ball like vanek curve, or a pro-player's one like Mirsolav Satan's curve). They'll create a profile with you so that if you want more than all you have to do is call up with that patern and ask to make more of them.

It's really sweet, but takes like 2-3 weeks if they aren't busy to get the sticks in. Price is alot cheaper, too. The problem is, for the GP, you'll need to be either working at a shop, or be best friends with the owner or something to get a stick for cheap. They'd probably still sell it out for what their cost of a normal stick would be. (using s17 as example). Cost is 155 for off-shelf stick. Retail runs about 220. For Pro-stock s17s, the cost is anywhere from 80-120 per stick. If I were a shop owner I'd quote someone on buying s17 pro-stocks at 160 per stick. However if you are "in" with the shop people then you'd get it for like 20 bucks over cost (to cover shipping charges).

If you're looking for custom blades, they again all make 'em. I'd go with Harrow or Sher-wood though in terms of response time and quality. Hope this helps ya'll.

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