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Originally Posted by Triffy View Post
I received no comments for Ruzicka. I think he should be an MLD pick. Here's why.

Combined scoring from 1983 WCH, 1984 Olympics, 1985 WCH, 1986 WCH, 1987 WCH, 1988 Olympics and 1989 WCH

Sergei Makarov 65 37 52 89 1,370,570,80
Vladimir Ruzicka 65 33 34 67 1,030,510,52
Vyacheslav Bykov 57 28 26 54 0,950,490,46
Andrei Khomutov 62 14 24 38 0,610,230,39

I tried to pick players who should be easy comparables to Ruzicka. Makarov of course is just there to show that Ruzicka wasn't the best player in Europe during the 80's. But he was definitely one of the best. He had very similar stats to Slava Bykov, the 2nd line center of the powerhouse Soviet Union teams in the 80's. And not only similar, Ruzicka actually had slightly better numbers. Andrei Khomutov, a very well respected right wing of Slava Bykov's line, was far behind.

And Ruzicka isn't even a dwarf who can be thrown around in the rink. He is a big guy. 6' 2'', 216 lbs. Probably no other player in the draft possesses a big frame like that combined with the individual skill level Ruzicka had. In my opinion, there's no way Ruzicka should slip this far.
As mentioned, I took him back in AAA8. I didn't really get any praise for the pick, and it was my first round of drafting, and I wasn't anywhere near the level of research that I am at now (getting my ass handed to me in the ATD, MLD, and AAA is a big reason I now have my famous book collection)

I never even really considered him when we got deep into AAA10 and AA10 because I thought I must have been way off about him in the first place. He wasn't on my radar this time either. But I'm glad someone took him to give him some recognition. The company surrounding him in that table is quite impressive.

He was big, but rather soft, wasn't he?

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