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08-30-2009, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
I don't know, at the same age Lisin scored 13 goals while Korpikoski scored 6. Lisin also played 20 games less.

I like Korpikoski, but Lisin is without a doubt the more offensively gifted player.
Definitly, and he have more upside.

But he isn't a "lottery ticket". He won't show up in camp and suddenly be a 35 goal scorer. Its not like we get a 5% chance of suddenly getting Semin II by getting Lisin.

He have potential, but he will never fullfill that unless we invest in him and develop him here in NY.

We have a opening at center in the top 9, and are pretty stacked at the wing like someone said. If he impress in camp its not impossible that he breaks into the top 9. If Torts is willing to invest in this kid and show patient with him on a 4th line and then move him up if someone is injured then I guess it might not be a disaster even if Lisin don't "impress in camp".

But if Torts don't see Lisin as a 4th lineer, and he have to suprise in camp just to get into the top 9 basically -- then I think its a extremely odd move. Like Korpikoski last season was a young rookie. The diffrence between the two is that Korpi is the type who you could keep around in a small role for atleast another 2-3 years and see if he can step up. Lisin will bolt right away unless he is happy in NY. We will never be able to keep him around like we did with Prucha for example...

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