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Originally Posted by Wetcoaster View Post
Hargrove became a pariah even in the union movement. He raided other unions and caused rifts in the Canadian Labour Congress.

The NDP (the traditional party of organized labour in Canada) suspended his NDP party membership on February 11, 2006. In retaliation the CAW severed all ties with the NDP.

No surprise since he had been actively undermining the NDP and its leaders for years.

So Hargrove's answer was to endorse the federal Liberals???? That was the last straw for the NDP because of the party policy of continuing to castigate the Liberals for the litany of scandal and corruption that lasted for years as revealed by the Gomery Commission.

If you want to cause dissension and problems in an organization just drop Buzz Hargrove in - instant civil war.
How wonderful. Reminds me of the stories a Nashville-area friend of mine frequently tells about certain elements in the UAW.

I really hope Kelly gets through this one. "We can do so much better together" gets so much more leeway nowadays than "our way or the highway".

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