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08-30-2009, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by krax View Post
The mission is an intermediate stick (flex 75). Kind of high-end junior stick. Junior does not like flex 50/60 sticks.
The 102 is an inch longer and he has shot 15 times with it (the shots in the video included). He'll test the Bauer for a practice on ice tomorrow.

I was very reluctant when he came home with the adult stick and asked me to cut it down for him. Never thought that he would be able to get a slap-shot off the blue line to the middle of the net. But he did on his first try. I deduced that flex has less influence than I thought.

I'll admit that a 10y/o is probably not really representive, but still, junior says "no difference in flex...".

I'll have to observe a little more...

Seeing how he shoots in a game would help, but to me he really does look more accurate with the 75 flex.

Also it's interesting, 75 flex is usually a senior flex, most intermediates are 60 flexish, but if he's tried those and didn't like them then the 75 is probalby about right for him, though the reason he didn't like them could have been the stick model and not the flex.

His technique is much better with the 75 flex stick. He's loading it up well, and taking a good step. With the 100, perhaps I'm seeing things, but it looks like he's stepping forward more to make up for the power he's not getting from the flex, and that's throwing off his aim.

Honestly, I'm 5'6, 140ish, almost all muscle, and I'm thinking about going down to a 65 flex. About the only guy in the NHL who uses a stick as stiff as what that cut down vapor is is Chara, who has them made extremely stiff so he doesn't snap them, and has a lot more leverage to flex the stick.

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