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Originally Posted by goatt View Post
Just wanna thank you all for your replies first and foremost.

I'm 29. I can ice skate without falling but not hockey stop or go backwards well...I own skates. I can rollerblade a little better than ice skate. I live near an icerink ( that has open stick times. Maybe I'll buy a stick and puck or two and just go out and play and see what happens. What I don't want is to end up being the only adult playing a bunch of kids (like Kramer taking karate lessons from Seinfeld)
I was in your exact shoes two years ago (also 29).

Started playing outdoor roller with a group of beginners, was good for getting into the flow. I had played street/ball before, so it was about getting used to these glidey things on my feet.

Then took level 1 power skating to learn how to stop, turn, pivot, backwards, etc. Emphasis on learn, not necessarily master. That's come over time the more I play.

Then started playing adult league in bottom divisions. I played on two teams during that first winter. Just finished on three teams this summer. Will be playing two teams again this winter. That's really where I've been putting together things the most from what I learned in power skating.

The short version, don't sweat it. Get the gear (don't need expensive ****), find a course to learn how to hockey skate, find some drop-in or casual group to play with, find a bottom div team to play on. Just give'r!

You won't regret it, I'm loving it.

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