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08-31-2009, 12:55 AM
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Weak ankles is mostly a myth. Most everybody has the ability to stay upright in skates with the correct skate, sized and fitted right. I see it all the time working at skate rental. If you get a skate too big, you're not going to get the ankle support and you won't be able to skate well.

First, if you unlace them and slide your foot as far forward as you can, how much room is there behind your ankle? If the answer is more then two fingers, your skates are too big and you'll need to replace them.

Second, have you had them baked? You may not be able to depending on the model (Vector is the line name- there are quite a few models in that line), but that should allow the boot to form more to your ankle and let you get them around your ankle more securely.

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