Thread: Line Combos: What if Lisin surprises?
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08-31-2009, 03:12 AM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post

if you look at the centerman like this....

prospal dubinski drury arty

things make more sense.
Agreed, and we have the wings to "carry" Prospal at center. Like he is darn slow, but with like a Higgins on one side and a Gabby on the other he could work out pretty well. Or it wouldn't be a dominant line, but they could be dangerous so to speak.

Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
the odds of anyone above not named avery playing on the 4th line are remote.
Originally Posted by EurOConnEcton View Post
question to you ranger fans... What if Evgeny Grachev steals the show at training camp. Is there any chance of this? Does he have any chance of cracking the lineup?
He won't...

Seriously though, I think Grachev have potential to make the NHL right away. But he will never come in and like dominate in camp or in preseason, he could definitly make himself noticed and show that he can play on a top 3 line in the NHL though.

The diffrence is that we won't stand there with a emergent logjam on 2nd October. We would have time to play in Grachev during the season and let the rest play out it self. And from my point of view I really don't care one bit if a kid makes this team out of camp or after 10 games. A lot of fans makes a big fuz about a kid not getting the chance right away -- but I think thooes 10 games you missed early on will let you keep a higher level 10 games longer at the end of the season...

And while I agree with offdacrossbar about the chances of anyone else then Ani and Lisin ending up on the 4th line is slim -- that could change fast.

We have so many "truths" now, but something I've learned the last 4 years is that thoose truth's can change in a hurry.

Take Ryan Callahan for example -- there is no ifs and buts about it, he was one of our absolute best players for like the last 20-30 games last season. But that doesn't hide the fact that he have very small marginals as a NHL player, and he isn't a natrual fit with just about anyone, like his game is about taking the puck to the net and then keep the pressure on. With a line mate who isn't as good at winning the puck back, he is not such a great fit.

The bottomline is that Callahan is never better then his last game. He doesn't have the talent level of a Dubinsky who can suck for 15 straight games and still find himself in the NHL, if Callahan have a tough stretch his stock would plument fast. Maybe thats why he never so far have had that tough stretch. But a nagging wrist injury or something like that could basically end a players like Callahan's career in the worst case scenario. The marginal is that small. Look at Mike York for example. Guys like that have no marginals...

So Callahan, with his play last season really, is a lock to make the team out of camp and to get a chance. But before we know it he could be on the outside looking in, like on a 4th line.

And he isn't alone in that cathegory. Prospal is another guy who's stock could drop fast. Allot of things can happend.

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