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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury
If we assume for a minute (and I know this will be a bit leap), that there is going to be an NHL season this year, it would be interesting to think about what the lockout will do to trade values of some players. For one thing, some of the more desirable impending UFAs (Aucoin, Witt, etc) may see their trade values show a sharp decline. These guys would ordinarily be valuable depth pickups at the trade deadline. But, with the shorter season, the wars of attrition are that much less significant.

And, of course, it goes with out saying that any player with a longterm contract, or a big dollar contract, is going to be worth nil after the new CBA.

I guess we'll see how it all plays out but my Islanders are not positioned well, with a bloated payroll and a few expensive impending UFAs.

If we get a season,I expect owners to want to recoup some of their lost $ thru the playoffs.It could be an interesting trade deadline

Hahn points out in his Ask Alan column,that if this season's contracts are burned,the Isles will see Aucoin become a ufa and they could lose him for nothing.He points out that Aucoin(who was unhappy with the $4.25m he got in arbitration),might not come close to that amount under the new cba.


imo the Isles should be concerned about both Aucoin and Hamrlik.One positive if this yr's contracts are burned,the isles have $10m off Yashin's contract.I think it'll be 6 yrs and $58m left on his deal.

and Peca will have one more yr left at roughly $5m.

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