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11-08-2004, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR469
i've never heard about atlantic city so if you have a link or know more details i'd appreciated it...

there has been rumors that the rangers wanted to move them closer to nyc to create a setup similar to what the flyers have with the phantoms (the target location i heard was brooklyn), but i haven't heard anything more then rumblings and it seems like they are exploring it as a 'good idea' but really haven't gotten into it.

the current lease with the hartford civic center expires in 2007, so one would think that if they were seriously considering a move they would be working on it now so they would have the new home in place when the civic center lease expires...of course on the flipside, there is a major renovations in hartford right now that is supposed to be finished in 2007 and reportedly the wolfpack are expected to be a big part of the 'new' hartford. now that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but maybe cvc is banking on a new sweet deal after that renovation is complete.
Yeah, I also remember reading something about them looking to renovate to Brooklyn. That would be pretty damn sweet for several reasons...

1. It would make the fairweather Ranger fan (and the diehards as well) a little bit more knowledgable about some of our prospects and hockey in general. Because lets face it, most of the people who peruse this board and others like it are not the average Ranger fans. We're as diehard as they come. The average Ranger fan would not be able to name more than a handful number of our prospects, let alone make a top 40 ranking of them.

2. With New York being the most diverse city in the world, you would probably get alot of interest in the team. Not just from fans, but from some of our European prospects. I'm sure guys like Prucha and Lundqvist would be much more willing to cross the pond if they were playing in Brooklyn rather than Hartford.

Plus, I live in Brooklyn! So I'd get to see these guys play on a regular basis.

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