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"Over the years I have been blessed with a great number of superstars. But game in, and game out, Henri Richard was the most valuable player I ever had."
-Frank Selke Sr.

Look at some of the players Selke managed: the Rocket, Beliveau, Harvey, Geoffrion, Moore, Plante, Apps, Kennedy, Broda, Clancy, Primeau, Jackson, Horner, Hainsworth, Blake, Lach, Durnan, Cournoyer.. to name a few.

Henri Richard might not have been the most important player on the Habs in any one year, but an argument can be made that over his entire career he was. In fact, as I've noted above, Frank Selke Sr. even said as much.



10: Serge Savard
9: Dickie Moore (up for voting now)
8: Bob Gainey
7: Boom Boom Geoffrion (43rd in HOH Top 100)
6: Larry Robinson (31st in HOH Top 100)
5: Henri Richard
4: Doug Harvey (6th in HOH Top 100)
3: Guy Lafleur (19th in HOH Top 100)
2: Rocket Richard (9th in HOH Top 100)
1: Jean Beliveau (7th in HOH Top 100)


From last year's discussion:

Originally Posted by BM67 View Post
"Henri is always there. Every time I pick up the puck he's coming at me from somewhere. He's been hit quite a few times; by me, by our defense, but he doesn't stop. It's frustrating when you outweigh a guy by 20 pounds, knock him down and he's up and gone before you are." - Bobby Clarke

"We had to sign him. At camp, he took the puck and nobody could take it away from him. He was just too good not to sign." - Toe Blake

"Looks like Henri Richard brought his own puck to the rink again." - Rudy Pilous

"You can take Beliveau and all the others. Give me Henri. That little bugger could skate for five minutes without getting tired." - Ken Reardon
Originally Posted by reckoning View Post
Just to pull a quote from Phil Esposito's book: "Henri Richard. That son of a ***** was the best centre I ever played against. He was good on faceoffs. He was fast. The little ******* could score. He was a tough little guy and I respected him. Henri was the most underrated player on the Canadiens."

In Larry Robinson's book, he tells a story about how after Philly (led by Bobby Clarke) beat Montreal in Game 1 in the `73 semis, Scotty Bowman pointed at Bobby Clarke then said to Richard simply "He's yours." Richard completely shut down Clarke the rest of the series.

Now I know you could find anecdotes about any player, but they seem to come up about Richard more than most players.

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