Thread: Line Combos: What if Lisin surprises?
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08-31-2009, 01:59 PM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
its a fact that his offensive skills are elite. in order to be an impact offensive player, one needs to have certain skills that almost all elite players have. lisin has those thus he could be a very good hockey player.

those are measurable variables and an assertion can be made based upon his skills, and compared to other players with similar skills, that he will be, given the right circumstances, an impact player.

blair betts will not be an offensive impact player because he lacks the skills.

enver lisin can be an impact player. he has the skills

one could reasonably expect to draw a conclusion that, given the above, enver lisin has all the right tools to be an elite goal scorer for this team.

we know it can happen, what we dont know is if it will happen.
This is like Zherdev sydrome... The guy has the skills to stick handle in a telephone booth, but just chooses not to bite down and put in that "extra" effort.

It's the intangibles everyone is always talking about... Some call it luck, some people can't even say what it is, it just happens for them. Plus hockey is such a game about inches... 1 inch up, 2 inches down, stick randomly in the way... They totally change the outcome/rebound/save.

Example... a few random bits at the beginning of the year and Voros is scoring at an Ovechkin rate... suddenly nothing.

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