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Originally Posted by hockeydadx2 View Post
Stupid argument. Without the cap, Crosby would be making a ton more money, maybe, but the Penguins would not be able to afford to pay "someone better than Bill Guerin" while still keeping the rest of the team intact. In fact, they probably couldn't even afford to keep Crosby if the Rangers, for example, would be willing to pay him $20million/yr. And they might do that, given that they are the same idiots who paid Bobby Holik as much as they did a while ago.

The cap works fine. Crosby seems happy with his salary, and his team just won the Cup, in spite of the fact that his mediocre winger was Bill Guerin.

The system works, except in the minds of big-market teams who are used to paying whatever they want to acquire whomever they want.
Considering the revenues of 2 Stanely Cup Finals runs, and the new building, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Pittsburgh's ability to keep players. A team that was in bankruptcy not long ago is now spending to the cap, while several other teams are barely above the midpoint. If they couldn't afford to pay more, why are they spending the money on Malkin, Crosby, Fleury and Staal like they are and banking on cheap young guys? Seems they'd play it close to the vest(and mid point of the cap) if there was no money to spend.

But suppose the Rangers did sign Crosby. His argument was that players are better off now than they were before this CBA. If Crosby did get $20 million a lot more players would be making $10 million or more. Players in general would be much better off. Stars drive the salary scale.

But let me thank you for stating up front you had a stupid argument. "Crosby seems happy with his salary." "The cap works fine." Right. Because a team can't win a bidding war over a player by offering, say a 12 year deal worth $70 million but pay over $40 million of that in the first 5 years over another team that can only pay that $70 million over an evenly spaced 12 years. A team like Detroit can't do that.....oops, sorry, wrong sport.

Some of us believe players should get market value, and not some predetermined number like a communist regime.

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