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Originally Posted by guyincognito View Post
they never would have survived into year 2. going into year 2 would have made their position even more perilous. it was one of the stupidest plans I have ever seen. strike funds and financial planning are great, but when you are accustomed to a certain lifestyle... especially since the people who get squeezed are the bottom liners/pairers and don't particularly make that much money in the first place. not compared to what they spend. sure, the Jagrs of the world can piss away all the money they want and still get paid the same thing overseas, but that's not how it works for the lunchpail guys.

they got ****ed on the lockout and they got ****ed on the agreement, not surprising though, because sports unions only fight for the rich and the powerful, and the people who already have been paid but want to effect change.

and as for the league, going into year 2 also potentially could have been fatal.
The NHLPA had concluded that the NHL was prepared to lose one season but that they would not sacrifice a second so if you were locked out and planned to fight, that was the only viable strategy.

However cracks appeared in the union position and that was not forseen.

The fight was never about the stars - they were going to get their money.

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