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08-31-2009, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
his skills are elite. thats more than just my opinion- its based upon fact since many of those skills are measurable- think combine. from there i am projecting that he has the ability to be special.

again, i have never said its a fact that he will be elite. i said its a fact that he has the skills that elite players have. the only thing that isnt a fact are his heart and his head. those are not measurable. they are more variable and random and thus, cannot be fact.

think zherdev here.

i explained before in this thread why i think he was offered for korpedo. lisin was an extra wing who was considered too "one dimensional" on a team with young players like tikhonov and boedker who were looking for ice time and both of whom have a more developed 2 way game and thus, he was expendable. korikoski is a player who fits that mold of 2 way defensively responsible forward.

it makes sense to me that if gretz and maloney didnt think that lisin fit their "style" of play that they would be attracted to korpikoski who does play a more 2 way game.

and hes a centerman. the yotes have had a logjam at wing and really had no spot for lisin unless they sat someone like mueller who played alot for them.

bottom line is the yotes have quite a few good young wingers who play a more complete game than lisin but lisin on skills alone, may have been the most offensively gifted of all of their young guns.

lisin i wouldnt say has behavioral problems but did refuse an assignment to san antonio which didnt help.

they arent stupid but they arent smart either using lisin on the 4th line.

as to why he wasnt in demand, i can only speculate that slats went to donnie and said we dont have a spot for korpikoski next year you want him ? but we need nhl ready fair value back and donnie offered lisin.

lisin was a fan favorite in phoenix. he was popular and exciting. i dont believe phoenix wanted to move lisin but maloney i think got hosed in the deal and slats took advantage of donnie a little bit and his wanting to prove that kopredo wasnt a reach in the 1st round. complete guess on my part here but not impossible.
If what you have just said is correct, Phoenix is loaded with talent and will be a major force in the NHL, which in turn means that Gretzky is doing a great job, contrary to the conventional wisdom, meaning he is not a moron. Gretzky cannot both be doing a good job and be a moron.

Something in this whole equation doesn't add up but I give up: Lisin is an elite offensive talent. Since every player in the pipeline is also going to be great, for the next 10 years or so, the rest of the NHL will just have to get used to annual parades down Broadway.

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