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Tentative rankings (Makarov would be first if available):

1. Max Bentley - fantastic offensive performer and fantastic in the playoffs

2. Pierre Pilote - best dman left. I fear this list tends to underestimate dmen.

3. King Clancy - first truly dominant NHL defenseman

4. Henri Richard - comparible to Beliveau at even strength and always used to check the best guys of the opposition. A key player on TWO dynasties, and the only Top 100 player other than Beliveau on the 60s Habs dynasty.

5. Tim Horton - I'm worried that he might be getting underrated. Shouldn't be that far behind Pilote. The cornerstone of the best defense in the league when the Leafs were a dynasty team. Possibly the strongest defenseman ever, and the only guy in the league who could physically handle Gordie Howe. Offensively underrated, as he led the Leafs in playoff scoring the first year of the dynasty.

6. Turk Broda - the original "money goalie." A bit behind Durnan in the regular season, but ahead of him in the postseason.

7. Clint Benedict - the first truly elite NHL goaltender. Coinflip with Broda.

8. Bill Durnan - elite regular season performer and good (but not as good as Broda) in the playoffs. Definitely behind Broda, but not by much.

9. Dit Clapper - I used to have him closer to Clancy, but I'm wondering if he tends to be overrated a bit because he could play both forward and defense. He wasn't as dominating on D as Clancy, from accounts that I've read.

10. Boris Mikhailov - I hate putting him over Makarov and Firsov, but he's better than the other guys listed. Not that far behind Kharlamov in importance on the same line.

11. Earl Seibert - the guy I know the least about this round. I'll slot him here for now, but he's probably the guy on the list most prone to movement. Fantastic All-Star record, but what was the competition at the time?

12. Jari Kurri - not just a product of Gretzky, he was the perfect compliment. Still, I feel it's a round too early. Point totals definitely inflated by the 80s.

13. Peter Forsberg - one of the great "what if" players of all time. A great playoff performer, but lack of durability and elite seasons left him correctly ranked around #70 last time.

14. Dickie Moore - Peter Forsberg if Forsberg played for the greatest dynasty ever.

15. Andy Bathgate - we all know how I feel about guys who were better at accumulating stats than helping their team(s) win. I believe, he's the only such guy that is up for voting this time. I'd vote for him in a round or two, but not over any of these guys.

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