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Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
Burnside has a lot more good info:

At the end of the day it's the agents who usually keep the union in check. They more than anyone else were the ones who pulled the rug out from under Goodenowe and the players dutifully followed.

If they were caught by surprise by this move, there is a lot more crap hitting the fan to follow. They have just as much to lose as the players do, and are a much more savvy bunch than the players who make up the NHLPA executive.
Yeah, the article is an eye-opener. As for the reps, well, in the Devils case, the rep is David Clarkson. Why? No idea, maybe no one else wants to do it, it doesn't seem right that a 3rd year player would be repping a team with a ton of vets.

So, that could give you an idea of the dysfunction of the process. Nothing against the dude, but when the fans give you a nickname such as Clarktard, that's not the guy I would want handling my union business affairs.

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