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Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
well, in the last lockout, Bettman managed to keep everyone on board by promising a salary cap low enough that everyone could make a profit. He was going to "break" the union.

However, he ended up having to negotiate his way up to a cap level where many teams are struggling. It's going to be hard for the league to argue from here on that the players' revenue percentage needs to drop. Fans are not going to accept a lockout just so MLSE can continue rake in $100m a year (wild guestimate) while the majority of the league barely gets by.
I don't think they negotiated the cap level up that much at all. wasn't the difference between the offer made public before 9/15 and the final offer $4M? the biggest mistake was the placement of the floor. it was set too close/high to the cap, and when the cap exploded, the floor exploded too.

in 03/04, 15 teams spent under the current floor, 1 basically spent even to it.

teams that would probably maintain a $25-30M payroll are essentially forced to take losses by the floor. but the floor is also necessary to make linkage work. they're going to have to find a way in the next negotiation to lower the floor and find another way to give money to the players (maybe something in the form of a mid-level exemption, or a change to the definition of HRR)

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