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08-31-2009, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Yeah, a different brand may fit much better. See if you can find a place that stocks several graf models- they have quite a few fits to choose from.

Also, if those are cotton socks, stop. Use a synthetic sock of some sort. Wicking is best. A lot of foot problems and discomfort people have in skates comes from using cotton socks, especially athletic socks. They make rubbing worse, and hold moisture against your foot.
This is true, I have this bone bump on my right heel and it started with my new skates a few months ago. I have since been using a different non-cotton sock with favorable results. My problem also came from a footbed that I bought that raised the footbed thickness higher than the footbed that came with skate and it caused a poor fit on one heel. I have reverted back to the footbed that came with the skate and the inflammation has been drastically reduced.

I no longer am bothered with that flare up and pain and the bump seems to have almost completely healed and is pain free and has gotten smaller but has not gone away.

I was wondering what that was so thanks for posting about this you guys .... I knew it was the heel not fitting properly in the skate with either rubbing or pressure on that spot which causes this.

Thanks again you guys .... this forum rules butt.

As far as the lacebite goes the OP must be tightening his laces too tight. I used to get lacebite but started not tightening that part of the skate too tight. I thighten the toe part pretty tight and the front of the ankle not so tight and then i tighten the ankle tops pretty tight but not too tight either.

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