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08-31-2009, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
Thats not entirely true. Some people have this problem and to dismiss it is kinda ripping this guy off.

^^poster above had/has the same problem^^

Dont recommend wrapping your laces around tendon though.
Hence mostly. But a lot of people think or claim they have them when they just have an ill fitting skate or a skate with no support. If they've had an injury in the past, that's different, and can cause a lot of issues. Look at Forsberg.

But the OP's post didn't suggest any of that at all. All it suggested was a narrow ankle. And ankle rolling happens to a lot of people without permanently damaging the ankle. If you actually sprain it, that's different. I've rolled my ankle on a number of occasions, I curse a few times, put on a brace for a few days at most, and never think twice about skating.

Honestly, I think all the OP needs is an ankle brace and/or a better fitting skate. They make nice ankle braces that are sized and lace up, grab one of those. And though people say that wrapping laces is bad, I've done it before on older pairs of skates when I've wanted extra support and it worked well.
Come to think of it, those skates were CCM externos, which was the predecessor to the vectors... Be cautious with it, but give it a try. It's a pretty time honored method.

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