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08-31-2009, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Biggzy View Post
I upgraded my skates and it completely got rid of lacebite.

I used to have Bauer Vapors IX or XI. I now went to a Bauer One55 and got a smaller size than normal. These skates are awesome I just need to break em in to get rid of the blisters.

Maybe your skates are too big? I didn't realize how skates were actually supposed to fit until I got a smaller pair. I have much more control now.
A big factor in that could also have been the tongue. They put nicer tongues in nicer skates, with thick felt on some skates or padded tongues with plastic inserts on others. Both work, but a lot of guys have preference based on feel. Lower end skates will have thinner felt or just a padded tongue with no insert.

You could buy pro felt tongues and have them installed. That could help the lacebite too.

You're also right in that size can have an impact. If the skate is too big, the laces will come up too high on the ankle and dig in more as your foot flexes forward. Big reason few people complain about lacebite with lower cut skates- the higher you go, the more pressure on the front of the ankle as you flex forward. It's a big reason a lot of guys don't lace the top eyelet.

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