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09-01-2009, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Egil View Post
Hard line is ok, but it has to be realistic. The Auto Unions kept being "hard line" until they drove their companies into the ground. Goodenow's was "hard line" and cost some players a very large % of their career earnings. A more intelligent negotiating approach could have gotten the same/similar outcome without a lost season (and probably without a 24% rollback).
Hard to say, but I won't disagree with you.

As for Goodenow's mistake being overestimating the strength of his union, I think that is true. However, while you suggest this was a minor error than anyone could have made, a more reasoned analysis would suggest that it was never a realistic strategy.
No, I don't. I agree that it was pretty damned significant error, and one that was visible from the cheap seats early on. Goodenow needed to take a page from Marvin Miller and know when not to fight.

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