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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
"No study that mouth guards prevent concussions has been done," said Dr. Cantu. "But they do prevent injuries to the teeth so I would recommend all collision-sports players wear mouth guards."

There is no proven evidence that mouthguards dont prevent concussions.

I wore a visor till i finished Juniors (obviously) then took it off and have not used a visor/cage for 10ish years now. I always had two helmets growing up, one that had a cage (then a visor once i played junior) and one with nothing. The first helmet i wore for games/practice only. The second i used shinny, pond whatever. Since i was really young i never liked cage/visors. I just felt more comfortable without.

Now i have had 3 teeth knocked out, numerous facial lacerations and black eyes, broken nose. I have never really cared. I have always thought it was part of the game. Growing up i remember players like Marsh who didnt even wear a helmet. I would have done that if i could have. I see absolutly no problem with people not wearing a cage/visor if you feel comfortable enough. I personally love the game more then i hate pain.

I just hate when cage/visor wearers start calling us idiots and just are complete ***** because we chose to not wear them. (Not saying anyone in this thread is doing that). If you want to wear a cage/visor and feel more comfortable playing, thats cool go for it. But dont say stuff like "there is no reason to not wear a visor/cage". I have to work like everybody else, whatever, dont see the big deal. You lose a tooth, you shouldnt be taking time off. You need stitches, why would you be taking time off. You should be more worried about breaking a leg/arm/neck/back. Unless your in sales then maybe a cage is not that bad of an idea

I have played with guys who wear no visor/cage and have never even gotten a scratch in 20+ years. I have played with guys who wear no visor/cage and have no front teeth and are all scarred up. I have played with guys who wear a visor and never gotten a scratch. I have played with guys who wear a visor and have no front teeth and are all scarred up. I have played with guys that wear a cage and never learned to control there stick because they are "protected" so everyone else should be (biggest piss off imo about some cage wearers). I have played guys that wear a cage that have been cut on their neck by skates/sticks. Its a violent game, plain and simple.

On that note, i have never worn a mouthguard either. Its not going to protect your teeth when a puck or stick is rammed up in there. And it has neither been proven or disproven to protect you from concussions, so i have always seen them as pointly.

There is no need to judge someone by what they are wearing not wearing. You dont need to call someone an idiot because they chose to not wear a visor/cage and you dont need to call someone a because they are wearing one. (unless they actually are idiots or )

Rant over
It's a pointless risk you take of injuries that don't need to happen. I wear a half shield, and jesus that thing has saved me multiple times from swinging sticks, and when sticks come up in collisions. Before, one could make a claim it impared their vision, glare or they get fogged up. The visors of today are top notch. There isn't a reason not to wear one now. You're just being a BEER LEAGUE HERO. OLD TIME HOCKEY!!

Why WOULDN'T you protect your eyes? You wear a jock to protect your berries, gloves to protect your hands, etc, etc... Eyes don't grow back man, and serious eye injuries are no joke.

My dad was just like you. Only took him a puck right below his eye to throw on a shield for good.

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