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09-01-2009, 03:09 AM
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Originally Posted by droller View Post
It's a pointless risk you take of injuries that don't need to happen. I wear a half shield, and jesus that thing has saved me multiple times from swinging sticks, and when sticks come up in collisions. Before, one could make a claim it impared their vision, glare or they get fogged up. The visors of today are top notch. There isn't a reason not to wear one now. You're just being a BEER LEAGUE HERO. OLD TIME HOCKEY!!

Why WOULDN'T you protect your eyes? You wear a jock to protect your berries, gloves to protect your hands, etc, etc... Eyes don't grow back man, and serious eye injuries are no joke.

My dad was just like you. Only took him a puck right below his eye to throw on a shield for good.
I explained all that in the post you quoted.

You play the game which everyway you feel comfortable with, i will do the same. But do not act as if you have the right to judge someone else because of what he/she may be wearing.

Do you wear a neck guard? Why dont you wear a cage? you are taking a "pointless" risk wearing a device that still might not protect you.

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